Set Up

Start up your Bangle, sign up and upload your personal information via App and you are ready to go.

Available soon for App store and Google play.


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Find out Bangle functionalities

One but enough

Bangle, an NFC bracelet which allows you to perform everyday actions in a safe and rapid manner.

Set up the device on the App and move it nearby an NFC reader to fulfill your desired functionalities.





SecurityBangle owns an exclusive and international patent: once removed, voluntarily or accidentally, it shuts itself off to protect the sensitive information it carries. You can restore Bangle via App with a personal code.



Bangle offers a simple and practical solution, thanks to the absence of a rechargeable battery and display. A device designed to be worn everyday with a comfortable and minimalistic design.




Set Up

Simplicity Before

Start up your device, apply and modify on it your personal informations via app.

Available soon for App store and Google play.